Fragile Nails Treatment

There are several methods for treatment of fragile nails. Dietary supplements are one of the most popular treatments. Vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin A, zinc, niacin, calcium and iron are essential to health nails.  Biotin is a B complex vitamin that has been said to help significantly. It comes in supplement form or you can get it from the consumption of a glass of soy milk along with barley or corn.

Another often used treatment of fragile nails is to moisturize them regularly. This can be done by applying a moisturizer directly onto the nails or by soaking the nails in essential oils for approximately 10 minutes a day. Warm almond oil, olive oil or even vegetable oil works well. Apply a mixture of honey and lemon to your brittle fingernails fragile-nails-treatmentand toenails.  Massage this mixture into the nail and do not wash it off. Apply a mixture of a capsule of vitamin E oil and ¼ teaspoon warm olive oil to the strengthen brittle nails. Prepare a scrub to harden nails by mixing a teaspoon of honey, a tablespoon each of olive oil and castor oil and ½ cup shelled, ground walnuts. Apply this paste to the hands, fingernails, toenails and feet and gently scrub them. Rinse off with lukewarm water and repeat twice a week. Apply a thick layer of milk cream or petroleum jelly to your hands and fingernails and slip on cotton gloves before going out to best keep them moisturized.

Prevention Is Better Than Treatment

Preventing fragile nails is better than any treatment. Nail care is essential to keep them looking healthy and strong. Protect your fingernails by wearing gloves while working with water, harsh chemicals and cleaning agents. This will protect the nails from becoming fragile, brittle or weak in the first place. Cut back on use of nail polishes and nail polish removers. Take a break from these products and leave your nails free of nail polish and allow them to breathe and grow healthy.

Prescription Nail Remedies

If none of the treatments above work and your nails still show the symptoms of fragile, brittle, dystrophic, or fungal nails, please see a doctor about a prescription remedy.

Prescriptions can come in oral form or topical applications. Surgery may even be required if the nail is infected severely.